Friday, November 29, 2013

Elzetta High Output Bravo Flashlight

Earlier this year Elzetta mentioned on the forums that they were going to come out with a high output light to compete with the slew of high end light makers that have come out with 500 lumen and up lights this year.   Well, it's a reality now with their 650 lumen Bravo model and 900 lumen Charley model.   Here's what I've found so far with my Bravo model…

-The light just screams quality.  All the components are top notch as is the fit/finish.   All operations are smooth and have positive actuations when used.
-650 lumen output in the 2 cell, 900 lumens in the 3 cell model.  The AVS head automatically senses the power source and the output generated corresponds to the power (i.e. 650 or 900 lumens)
-Uses an acrylic lens vs reflectors for softer edges on the beam pattern (see video for a demonstration).  The lens is field replaceable without tools and apparently different lenses are in the works (like a larger flood version).
-Cree XM-L2 LED
-Elzetta designs their lights to be interchangeable.  So, you can pick the tailcap, to include tapeswitch models) you want.   There are several models to choose from though.   They also have 2 bezels (crenellated and standard) and two bodies to choose from.     If you have the old ZFL-M60s you can just purchase the high output head and get the same performance.  
-Fully potted electronics so shock/impact will not have any influence on output or reliability of the light.  These lights have a reputation as the toughest lights in the world and I believe it.
-Lights come lubricated/greased where they should be and have o-rings on the head/tail for use in wet environments.
-100% made in the USA.
-Springs are used on the head/tail for shock resistance so you won't have the light flickering under recoil should you mount it on a gun.
-The beam has a bright hotspot.  Spill is generous with good flooding as well for peripheral vision (again see video for example).

-Really the only one I can think of is Elzetta states not to use 18650 batteries with it and some folks will be very put off by that.
-Price is roughly $190-235 depending on the options you chose.   But, as I stated above the quality is top notch.

Here's a video with some shooting, beam comparisons with other lights, a demonstration of the properties of the light, and my overall thoughts on it:

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