Saturday, November 16, 2013

BCM Mod 3 Gunfighter Grip

The move toward more vertical AR grips probably isn't going anywhere due to the way many firearms schools/instructors are teaching a more squared up stance for firing while standing/kneeling.    The more vertical grips offer a different (some say less stressed and I would agree) wrist angle when firing from those positions.  Here's what I've found with the Mod 3 Gunfighter grip from BCM.

-Good grip texturing on the sides of the grip combined with the lines on the front provide a good positive grip
-Price.  The Mod 3 retails for $18
-It has a rubber storage hinged cover for storing gear inside it
-Comes with a tab in front for covering up the area where a traditional AR trigger guards have a tendency to rub on your finger.   It also works with a wide variety of billet lowers and the Magpul trigger guard
-I like the beavertail for being able to get my hand up high on the grip
-It's 1/4'' wider in from side to side than Mod 1/2 grips so it fills your hand better which I prefer as I have relatively large hands

-The tab on the trigger guard seemed like it was 'pushing' back against the grip when I was installing it. It probably wouldn't be an issue at all as others have said it wasn't with their set-ups.   But, I relieved it a little on my rifle to make it fit without pressure
-With all of these more vertical grips the rifle will point lower with the same grip angle of your shooting hand (shown in the video).   It's not really a 'con' per se but it's something I noticed when I first started shooting with the grip on the rifle

All in all for $18 it's certainly something folks should consider if they're looking for a new more vertical angled grip on their AR pattern rifles.

Here's a video demonstrating the different angles and how it stacks up compared to the Magpul MOE grip with is probably the most common replacement grip for the standard A2 grip out there:

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