Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sig Sauer P226 Review

The Sig P226 has been around since the XM9 service pistol trials in the mid-80s.   Its' basic design comes from the P220 but it has a double stack magazine and is chambered in 9mm (40S&W and 357SIG variants are out now obviously).  

Here's my summary of the pros and the cons of the gun:

-Ultra reliable.  I've had several P226s over the years and none has had reliability issues at all.
-Nitron finish.   Very durable metal surface hardening treatment that does a great job at preventing corrosion as well.
-Aftermarket accessories are readily available.
-Very accurate gun.
-You can choose which trigger system you'd like (DA/SA/SAO/DAK/ect…).  DA/SA is the most common and the one I prefer.
-Available in tons of different configurations to suit the users needs.
-No external safeties.
-Compliant in most ban states.
-Very attractive looking gun.
-Magazines are widely available from 15-20 round factory options.

-Expensive.  While surplus P226s are still out there at reasonable costs, new models are priced higher than many other competitors out there.
-Relatively heavy.   Aluminum frame models come in at 34oz.
-High bore axis.  Not an issue in 9mm but with some more powerful rounds it may slow down follow up shots for less skilled shooters.

All in all, the P226 remains a classic gun that you can buy and be very certain you won't go wrong along with the CZ75, G17, 92FS, ect….   Here's my video with some shooting, a breakdown of the pistol, a discussion of the operation and features of the gun, and my overall thoughts on it:

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