Friday, November 8, 2013


The SL1 by ROSCH Works is a combination front sight and weapon light in one lightweight, very well thought out, rugged, compact, and ergonomic package.     I've had it for a little over a month now and ran it on two rifles both during the day and night.    Here's what I've found so far….

-Well thought out.  Mounting, operation, and zeroing are simple and straightforward.
-It's probably over engineered.   7076 T6 aluminum body.   Finished with type III anodizing and cerakote on the body/tailcap.    Type III anodizing only on the bezel.  Steel components (sight post/bolts) are melonited for corrosion resistance and surface hardening.
-Malkoff driver.   CREE XP-G2 6200k temp output.    It's a good balance of throw and spill.    The spill is especially impressive (see video below).
-Mounts to any 1913 style rail.
-O ring sealed on the front and back end for water resistance
-3.2oz (with single CR123 battery), 3.4'' length
-Comes with hex wrench and sight adjustment tool along with loctite.   Loctite isn't needed due to the design but out of blind obedience to my old platoon sergeant I loctite everything anyway….
-250 lumen output with a 50 minute run time (at that output; it will run with a diminished output much longer).
-Mounts up at the 12 o'clock position.
     -Usable from cover/barricades
     -Low likelihood of snagging on slings/gear
     -Shadowing at the 6 o'clock position
     -Easy activation with either hand
-Cost.   $235 shipped which in my opinion is very reasonable for the quality of the components you get and what it would cost for similar components (front sight, light, possibly a mount) of similar quality.
-Constant on, momentary on, and lock out are the modes.   Very simple which under stress is generally your friend.

-The tailcap design may lead to flickering under recoil of heavy calibers.   I didn't experience it on my 5.56 ARs nor did I get it when hitting the buttstock on the ground but ROSCH Works says it can happen so I'll take their word for it.
-The standard tailcap is not compatible with aftermarket tailcaps.
-ROSCH Works is developing a tailcap adaptor which will be compatible with Surefire E-series tailcaps.  This will fix the issue above (if it's perceived as an issue).    It will also allow for pressure switches to be ran.

All in all, it really is a great product and it seem like ROSCH Works has a winner on their hands with their first product released to the marketplace.    In the video below I do a little shooting (day/night), discuss & demonstrate the features of the light, and go over what I think of it overall:

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