Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tapco Intrafuse AK Mags

Lots of folks like to piss on TAPCO (even me from time to time) but I'm a fan of their G2 AK trigger and their mags have always functioned fine in my rifles but seemed to have one problem---they'd break.    Each time it was the locking lug but unfortunately I didn't do reviews back in those days and have no footage of it.   So, I decided to try to test these mags on film and here's what I found:

-Reliable.  As stated above, I never had function issues with TAPCO AK mags.
-Cheap.  If you follow the deals these mags can sometimes be had for $6-9/ea
-They count as 3x 922r parts and are made in the USA
-TAPCO has always stood behind their no questions asked warranty in my experience.
-The texture of the mags provides a good gripping surface when removing from a pouch/pocket.

-No metal lining or reinforcements.

Here's  a video with some shooting, multiple drop tests of both the '47 and '74 variants, an overview of the mags, a dirt test, and a short diatribe of what I think of them overall: