Thursday, September 26, 2013

Magpul MBUS Pro Back Up Sights Review

Lots of gun owners aren't a fan of polymer; bottom line.    The merits of that mindset can be debated for days without reaching a conclusion but the fact remains.    Magpul has released a set of all steel back up iron sights to satisfy the desires of those steel-loving devotees.    Here's what I've found so far with them....

-Priced lower than comparable competitors steel back up sights.  MSRP is $105 for the rear, $85 for the front.
-They have a melonited surface finish treatment that hardens them for durability and also provides corrosion resistance.
-All adjustments can be made without tools but the likelihood of them being accidently moved is low in my opinion (see the video for a demonstration of why)
-Very slim and sleek design but they're still standard AR height.
-Front sight is a great option for those with a railed gas block.
-Can be mounted on any 1913/STANAG rail.
-Rear sight is 1.8oz, front sight is 1.5 oz.
-Dual apertures on the rear.
-Serrations around the rear aperture and on the sides of the front sight reduce the likelihood of glare impacting your sight picture when shooting in bright sunlight.
-Magpul is a company that stands behind their products and you can be sure great CS will be there if you ever need it.

-Cost.  $190 is a tough pill to swallow when many of us have never had the slightest issue with our MBUS Gen2s.
-They're MIM.   I don't mind this but I know lots of folks do so it's worth mentioning.

All in all I think they'll sell well and they'll cause their competitors to re-consider their pricing strategies if they want to stay relevant in the marketplace.   In the video below you'll see them in action, close ups of all the features, and a discussion of the pros in cons.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Silver Bear 7.62x39 Soft Point Ballistic Gel Test

Finished up the testing of the Silver Bear 7.62x39 125gr soft point round.  Lots of folks say Russian soft point rounds don't expand; well I figured I'd test them to see if that's the case. Here are the conditions and results. 

Test conditions: 
-16'' SGL21
-Test rounds fired from 15 feet 
-"FBI spec" (Their term, not mine...) Clear Ballistics gel block
Chrono Data: 
-2403 feet per second
-1601 foot pounds of energy 


-Expansion started at 1'' mark
-Pretty nasty wound track
-Steel jacket separated from the core
-20.5'' penetration

Here's the video showing the test, the permanent cavity, both shots into the gel, and a discussion of the results:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FNH FNS 9mm Review

I've had the FNS since last November of last year and have been putting a good bit of rounds through it to date and here's what I've found.

-100% reliable thus far
-Comes with 3x 17 round magazines
-I like the night sights with the wide "u" notch rear
-It's more accurate than I am
-Reasonably priced vs. its' competitors
-Low bore axis
-Cold hammer forged barrel
-Standard 1913 rail
-Ambi mag release and slide lock
-Great ergos
-Forward and rear cocking serrations
-Ease of maintenance
-Comes with interchangeable flat and arched backstraps
-Extractor doubles as a loaded chamber indicator like a Glock

-I think the trigger's a little heavy (breaks between 6-7 pounds)
-FN seems to have fixed the initial trigger locking issues
-The standard model has an external safety.  The LE restricted model doesn't.  I'd like to see them offer both to everyone as many folks do not want an external safety.
-Aftermarket magazine availability is an issue compared to its' competitors

Here's a video with a little shooting, a demonstration of how to break the gun down, a size comparison with a G17/1911 for those unfamiliar with it, and a discussion of the features of the gun:

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Midwest Armor Guardian IV Armor Test And Review

I recently tested the Guardian IV ceramic level IV plates from Midwest Armor.   They were designed to be a reasonably priced plate while still maintaining level IV protection.    They retail for $199 but Midwest Armor was gracious enough to offer my viewers with a discount code of "MGG" available on their website.   With that code you'll get each plate for $125 (pretty good price for level IV protection).   I shot them up with 9mm, 40 S&W, 5.56x45, 7.62x39, 5.45x39, and 7.62x54r.  Here's what I found:

-Stopped all rounds
-Made in the USA
-Guaranteed for 5 years
-10''x12'' and 1'' thick
-Curved for comfort
-The shoulder areas are cut for shouldering long guns
-Each plate weighs 7.3 pounds

-Really the only one I can think of is the fact that it only comes in one size.