Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crimson Trace Master Series 1911 Grips

The Master Series grips operate similarly to the basic CT laser grips but they have a G10 pattern on them for a better grip, especially under adverse conditions.

-You are able to see them in bright sunlight but they do jump out better in lower light conditions
-It helps when shooting from unorthodox/non standard shooting positions
-Adjustable for windage/elevation
-Instinctive activation
-Great for dry fire practice
-They do have an 'on/off' switch so you can save your battery when practicing
-Crimson Trace provides replacement batteries each year for as long as you own the grips
-Dot size is 1/2'' at 50 feet
-Available for several size 1911 frames.

-Price.   Generally the Master Series grips run $275 and up
-Can become a crutch; especially for new shooters.

Here's a video review with some shooting in bright sunlight, some night shooting, and a discussion of the pros/cons of the grips:

Saturday, August 24, 2013

H&K P7M13 Tactical Stapler Review

The H&K P7M13 (and all P7 variants) is a very interesting gun.   I've had mine for a while and every time it makes an appearance at the range it always seems to draw a crowd.   Here's a summary of my impressions of the gun:

-Extremely reliable.  This gun has never had a single malfunction in my hands
-Excellent trigger
-I'm a fan of the mag ambi mag release
-Very sleek lines and it's pretty slim overall for a 13+1 gun
-I have large hands and like how the gun feels in the hand but those with smaller hands may be better off going with the P7M8
-Very low bore axis combined with the piston system (more on this in the video below) make for a very, very light recoil impulse.
-Easy and fast reloads can be accomplished with the use of the squeeze cocker
-No magazine safety
-Excellent accuracy from the fixed, cold hammer forged barrel
-Fluted chamber for increased reliability under adverse conditions
-Top of the slide is milled to reduce glare

-Cost.  They're expensive and no longer in production.   Mags aren't cheap either.  The prices on gunbroker seem to be all over the place but they pretty much start at $1300 and go up a good bit for a good condition or rare model
-It gets hot after a few magazines of rapid shooting
-Cleaning the gas system is somewhat annoying but it's not a deal breaker in my opinion

All in all it's an excellent firearm as you'd expect from H&K.  In the review below I do some shooting, explain/demonstrate the unique features of the gun, and go over the pros/cons of it overall:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

BCM Gunfighter Compensator Mod 0

The BCM Gunfighter Compensator Mod O has been out for a while now and I've had it for a few months; here's what I've found.

-The dimensions match up with the standard bird cage so suppressors that use the A2 will work on this.    As will blank firing adaptors.
-Helps with muzzle rise vs the A2
-No where near as much side blast as side ported brakes/comps
-Stainless steel construction.
-This is the standard size (Mod 0) but the Mod 1 is available to be used on 14.5'' pinned barrels to comply with NFA laws
-Retails for $90 +/- $10
-Less flash signature than standard side ported comps

-Not as much muzzle movement reduction as the Battlecomp (but it costs less than the Battlecomp).   The recoil impulse feels like the gun wants to move a little right or left rather than up or back.

Here's a review with some day and night shooting, a side by side comparison of the flash signature with the Battlecomp, and a discussion of the pros and cons of the comp:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

HK Translucent AR-15 Polymer Magazine Review

I did a little shooting with the H&K translucent mag and here's my initial impressions:

-0 issues at all
-Both steel & brass case ammo feed flawlessly
-Bolt locks open on last round
-Good texturing on mag body
-They look good
-Did well when dropped on their feed lips on concrete repeatedly (see video)
-Disassembles easily

-Price.  These are coming to market at $20/ea
-Thicker than other mags, may be an issue in double mag pouch set-ups.

Here's the review with a bunch of shooting, a discussion of the pros/cons, disassembly, and a drop test:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Inforce APL Light Revew

I've been using my APL for a while now, here's what I've found...

-Cost.  The light can be had for around $100
-The activation paddles are very easy to activate and ambidextrous
-Uses relatively common CR123 battery
-Mounts easily
-Comes with two mounting brackets---universal and 1913
-200 C4 LED output.   It's a nice white light with a good peripheral cone.
-O ring sealed
-Lightweight.   Weighs 2.8oz.


-It's not as bright as some lights on the market but brightness isn't an end all, be all on a weapon light.
-1.5hr runtime (but only uses 1 battery vs. 2 for most weapon lights.

Here's a review of the light with a side by side comparison with some other weapon lights at night, some shooting, and a discussion of the pros and cons: