Friday, November 22, 2013

Magpul MOE 1911 Grips

Many 1911 fans have been requesting that Magpul produce a set of grips for a while now.   Apparently after Magpul's trainers joined the chorus of folks requesting the grips they got busy and the MOE grip panels are the result.   Here's what I've found with them:

-Ergonomic.  The relief cut does aid in activating the mag release without having to shift your grip
-They have a 'medium' texture.  Not so aggressive that it will fray clothing but they will provide a good gripping surface with wet, sweaty, or bloody hands
-They fit well with magwells but also look good with guns without a magwell
-Compatible with ambi-safeties
-Thin.  Only .25'' wide at max.  This could be a pro or con I suppose but it is an important note
-Cost.  The MSRP is only $20

-Only available for full size frames currently

I do like these grips overall and they'll be staying on one of my 1911s.   Here's a video with some shooting (TRP and Range Officer used in the video), a close up and comparison of the grips and their features, followed by what I think of them overall:

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