Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Traction Grips Review

Picked up a set of Traction Grips for my BG380 and really like them; just passing this along for those looking for a little better grip on their gun (especially pocket sized guns).

-They work.  The grip surface (rubber in this case but sand is also available) decreases the gun moving in your hands; especially during rapid fire strings.
-Cost.  The BG380 set was $9 shipped.
-Several colors are available.
-They're very thin and don't add much bulk at all to the size of the grip.
-Available for a wide variety of guns

-Honestly I don't have any yet...

In summary, they're a good product at a good price and a great alternative to stippling your frame.  Here's a video discussing the pros/cons and demonstrating the product by putting a little lead downrange:

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