Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Speer Gold Dot 64gr Soft Point Ammo Test

Just finished up the testing of the 223 Speer Gold Dot 64gr soft point round.   Here's a summary of the conditions and results.

Test conditions:
-16'' PSA mid-length chrome lined barrel
-70 degrees
-300 feet above sea level
-Test rounds fired from 7 feet
-FBI spec Clear Gel ballistics gel block (more on this below)
-4 layers of denim

-2,753 fps average velocity
-1076 ft/lbs energy
-18.5'' penetration
-Maximum expansion measurement: 0.48''
-Minimum expansion measurement: 0.35''
-Retained weight: 54 grains

The manufacture of the gel block, Clear Ballistics, claims their gel meets FBI specs for testing.   I calibrate my gel per their specs prior to testing and use 4 layers of denim per IWBA protocol.

However, by no means am I saying this test is a substitute for the great work industry professionals like Dr. Roberts and others do.   I'm just a shooter that likes to learn about the products I use.

Here's the video showing the test, the permanent cavity, and a discussion of the results.


  1. Wow, thanks. Overall, looks like a pretty efficient round.

  2. Just to add some data that is in the video. The box of ammo is item number 24448. The velocity of the three shots in the video were 2787, 2734, 2743.