Saturday, November 3, 2012

Remington 870 Police Magnum Review

The Remington 870s have been around since the 1940s and over 10 million have been sold since for a reason----they work.   I picked up the police trade in gun reviewed today about a year ago for under $300 (should have bought 5 at that price!); it's the 20'' 7+1 model with rifle sights.   It was beat up on the outside but looked like it had been shot very, very little.   I put on a set of my favorite furniture (Magpul), polished up the chamber with some steel wool, and got to running rounds through it.  Quick summary of the pros and cons below:

-100% reliable with all loads I've put through it from low brass Walmart ammo to full power 3'' slugs/buckshot
-Parkerized finish
-Tons of aftermarket support
-I'm a fan of the rifle sights
-Combat proven shotgun
-Comes with the forged extractor and heavy carrier dog spring that many Express model users end up installing anyway
-7+1 capacity on this model
-Handles & points very well
-Spare parts are available at pretty much every gun shop in the country should you ever need them

-14'' factory LOP.   I'm 6'0'' and I prefer a shorter (around 12'') LOP.  Most people I know do as well
-The rear sight is somewhat odd.  The notch is a little tight and a peep sight would likely be both faster and more accurate.  I know they have models with Wilson rings on the receiver but just replacing the rear sight with a peep would still help out with quick acquisition

Here's a review video with some shooting and a discussion of the gun's properties:

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  1. Good choice! I have the same FDE Magpul stock and forend set on my Remington 870. Have you installed any other upgrades? I would be happy to see you on my blog and forum about Remington 870.