Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cleveland Holster's IWB Holster Review

Just a quick run down of the pros/cons Cleveland Holsters tuckable hybrid holster.

-1 piece horsehide is the standard backing.
-Kydex extends past the belt line allowing for easier one handed reholstering
-Black oxide coated screws/clips
-All steel belt clips
-Two 'cuts' available.  The model above is the 'cut' version.  It's still very comfortable...
-Comes with loctite for securing the screws after setting up the holster as you want to.
-US made

-Cost.  These holsters are on the higher end of the hybrid holster spectrum.  That said, they are as good if not better than others on the market and many of the 'upgrades' from other holster makers are standard here so it's certainly a cost/value issue there.  

Here's a quick video review so you can see how it wears and get a few more angles of it:


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