Thursday, September 26, 2013

Magpul MBUS Pro Back Up Sights Review

Lots of gun owners aren't a fan of polymer; bottom line.    The merits of that mindset can be debated for days without reaching a conclusion but the fact remains.    Magpul has released a set of all steel back up iron sights to satisfy the desires of those steel-loving devotees.    Here's what I've found so far with them....

-Priced lower than comparable competitors steel back up sights.  MSRP is $105 for the rear, $85 for the front.
-They have a melonited surface finish treatment that hardens them for durability and also provides corrosion resistance.
-All adjustments can be made without tools but the likelihood of them being accidently moved is low in my opinion (see the video for a demonstration of why)
-Very slim and sleek design but they're still standard AR height.
-Front sight is a great option for those with a railed gas block.
-Can be mounted on any 1913/STANAG rail.
-Rear sight is 1.8oz, front sight is 1.5 oz.
-Dual apertures on the rear.
-Serrations around the rear aperture and on the sides of the front sight reduce the likelihood of glare impacting your sight picture when shooting in bright sunlight.
-Magpul is a company that stands behind their products and you can be sure great CS will be there if you ever need it.

-Cost.  $190 is a tough pill to swallow when many of us have never had the slightest issue with our MBUS Gen2s.
-They're MIM.   I don't mind this but I know lots of folks do so it's worth mentioning.

All in all I think they'll sell well and they'll cause their competitors to re-consider their pricing strategies if they want to stay relevant in the marketplace.   In the video below you'll see them in action, close ups of all the features, and a discussion of the pros in cons.

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