Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FNH FNS 9mm Review

I've had the FNS since last November of last year and have been putting a good bit of rounds through it to date and here's what I've found.

-100% reliable thus far
-Comes with 3x 17 round magazines
-I like the night sights with the wide "u" notch rear
-It's more accurate than I am
-Reasonably priced vs. its' competitors
-Low bore axis
-Cold hammer forged barrel
-Standard 1913 rail
-Ambi mag release and slide lock
-Great ergos
-Forward and rear cocking serrations
-Ease of maintenance
-Comes with interchangeable flat and arched backstraps
-Extractor doubles as a loaded chamber indicator like a Glock

-I think the trigger's a little heavy (breaks between 6-7 pounds)
-FN seems to have fixed the initial trigger locking issues
-The standard model has an external safety.  The LE restricted model doesn't.  I'd like to see them offer both to everyone as many folks do not want an external safety.
-Aftermarket magazine availability is an issue compared to its' competitors

Here's a video with a little shooting, a demonstration of how to break the gun down, a size comparison with a G17/1911 for those unfamiliar with it, and a discussion of the features of the gun:

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