Friday, March 15, 2013

Sig Sauer Mosquito 22LR

22LR pistols and rifles are becoming more and more popular these days due to rising ammo cost and an increased interest in general preparedness.    Sig's 22LR pistol offering is the Mosquito and here's what I've found with it so far...

-Bottom line up front---cheap to shoot.  Who doesn't like that?
-Accurate.  The fixed barrel design lends itself to good accuracy. 
-Ergonomics.  It's a 90% scaled down P226 and many new shooters I've lent it out to like the smaller grip circumference.
-Many different finishes available
-3 dot adjustable sights 
-MIL/LE pricing is available
-With the exception of the slide mounted safety the controls mimic it's bigger brothers in the Sig line up making weapons manipulation drills applicable to the guns many would use in a real world environment.

-More complex to break down and maintain than some competitors (not bad by any means but I can see how some new shooters would be intimidated by it).
-10 round magazines standard
-Magazine cost
-Like many 22LR pistols, it seems to be somewhat picky about ammo.
-Magazine cost

Here's a video with some day & night shooting, disassembly/assembly of the pistol, and discussion of the pros/cons of the pistol.

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