Monday, March 18, 2013

Battlecomp 1.0 Review

I finally broke down and dished out the cash for the Battlecomp 1.0 & I've been using it on a couple ARs for a few month now and here's what I've found:

-Very good muzzle control during rapid fire strings.
-Minimal flash signature (see video for the night shooting).  Similar to A2; perhaps slighly more but not much.
-Minimal side blast. 
-Machined stainless steel with a black oxide finish.   It's holding up quite well.
-Crush washer included (it just annoys me when they're not...)
-Carbon doesn't seem to build up in any one spot on it so it requires minimal cleaning.

-Cost.  It sells for around $120 +/- $15

Here's a video with some day and night shooting, a discussion of specs and my overall thoughts on the brake:

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