Sunday, October 21, 2012

SRVV Jet AK 74 Brake Review

In my opinion this style brake is an upgrade worthy of the $58 (if not more) they're charging for it.  It's the best 24mm AK brake I've used thus far.

-Recoil reduction
-Faster follow up shots
-Looks great (one man's opinion)
-Increase in velocity
-Gas is directed to the side and back so shooters on your left and right will not get as much muzzle blast as they would with a traditional AK 74 style brake
-Quieter from the perspective of the shooter

-Slightly longer (maybe 1/2'')

I don't have a working digital scale at the moment so I can't compare weight but it feels roughly the same as the SGL 31 brake.

Chronograph data with 60gr FMJ Silver Bear ammo:

No Brake: 2912fps
SGL Brake: 2924fps
SRVV Jet Brake: 3072fps

Roughly 150fps faster with the Jet brake.

Product link:


  1. Mr GnG... apparently the Russian website is still out of stock on the 5.45 breaks.. did you state that these were coming stateside for distribution thru a US partner???

  2. Yes. Circle10AK should have them shortly. I know there's a huge demand for them currently so if you'd like one I recommend you shoot them an email to see if you can reserve a spot.

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