Saturday, October 13, 2012 TriDelta AR Brake Review

I know many people feel you don't need a brake on a 5.56 AR; I agree it's not needed.  But, a good one helps you keep the muzzle on target during rapid fire and will likely allow more accurate shooting with smaller split times at a given distance.   That's my $0.02 anyway...

Here's a quick summary of what I've found from the TriDelta brake while running it on my LE6920:

-The shape of the baffles directs blast energy forward, sideward, and up.  It is noticeably quieter compared to the standard birdcage brake from the shooters perspective
-Top ports direct plenty of energy up to keep the muzzle flat while firing
-No ports on the bottom, unlike some other popular brakes, which keeps dirt/sand from kicking up when firing from the prone
-Made in the USA from US steel
-Mil spec phosphate coated, not painted like some others
-No POI shift with the brake vs. the A2
-Cost.  It sells for $58.  With some brakes going for $200 or more that's not too bad
-No machining marks anywhere on the brake; very smooth appearance inside and out
-IDPA/USPSA competition legal

-It's 2.9''
-Weighs 5oz. (This could be a pro as well as a con though because the added weight helps keep the muzzle stable)
-It doesn't come with a crush washer. Not a big deal but just putting it out there so people know when/if they go to order one.

All in all, it's a very effective brake at a cost under $60.  I haven't had the chance to fire it at night but I'd imagine there is some trade off in terms of muzzle rise vs flash suppression as there usually is with most brakes.

Product link:

Here's a video of me shooting with the TriDelta brake and the A2 using the same gun (Colt 6920) and ammo (55gr Silver Bear):

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