Thursday, February 13, 2014

Arsenal SLR-104FR

The SLR-104FR has recently been introduced to the US market and I snagged one off the first shipment.   Here's what I've found…

-100% reliable to date with mostly 7N6 and some Red Army Standard thrown in (69gr) occasionally
-Build quality is great.   Everything's lined up, locks in tight, and the sights are nice and straight
-CHF CL barrel made on the famous Arsenal Bulgaria Steyr machinery
-Finish is vastly improved over other Arsenal rifles I've seen in years past.  
-Accuracy (with an optic) has been right around 2'' groups (some slightly over, some slightly under) with 7N6

-The only one I can really think of would be cost.   But, considering the price of other '74 variants on the market I really don't think $1100 is bad.  I'd bet they could charge $1300 or more and still move them if they wanted to….

Here's my review video with some shooting, a discussion of the features of the rifle, and my overall thoughts on it:

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