Saturday, June 1, 2013

Winchester Ranger 40 S&W 135gr JHP Ballistics Test (Q4368)

Finished up the testing of the Winchester Ranger 135gr 40 S&W JHP load.  Here are the results:

-Test gun: Gen2 Glock 22
-Media: Clear Ballistics "FBI spec" (they're term, not mine....) gel block with 4 layers of denim

Chrono Data:
-1174 FPS, 414 FT/LBS energy from 10 feet
-18'' penetration
-134 grains retained weight
-.58'' average expansion

I was quite surprised by the penetration but my guess is it was likely due to the fact that it didn't expand as much as other 40 S&W bullets I've tested to date.   

Here's the video of the test so you can see how it all played out:


  1. Interesting. I stocked up on the Federal 135 gr HSTs when Wal-Mart carried them. House gun load of choice...